Delayed Gratification n.37


Delayed Gratification, the quarterly edited by Marcus Webb and Rob Orchard, is the first Slow Journalism magazine in the world. Published in London, among its pages it revisits the events that occurred in the last 90 days to offer in-depth and independent journalism in an increasingly hectic world, enriched by infographics, photographic reports and an unmistakable long-form style. Its slogan is "the last on the latest news".

ISSUE # 37
In this issue we relive, with an independent look, some of the main events of the end of 2019, when a terrorist was confronted on London Bridge, Hong Kong protests increased and the United Kingdom went to the polls: 
  • The man who faced terror on London Bridge
  • Dawn of the robo-surgeon
  • Ebola: how to fight a killer virus
  • The rise of China 
  • The Inner Story of Momentum
  • Joshua Wong on the Hong Kong protests

And so much more.