Decalogue n.1


DECALOGUE is the experimental photography magazine of the NID (New Institute of Design of Perugia).
Inside it presents projects by well-known authors and experiments from the institute's network. The main feature of this compact magazine is the presentation of photographic projects that tell the story of today's experimental photography.


The number 1 of Decalogue magazine comes after the debut number 0 and maintains its main features: a photographic magazine with a first part dedicated to interviews with well-known studios in the sector and a second part mainly photographic.
 Inside we find an interview with Point Studio in Hong Kong, made by Paolo Maurizio Talanti, and an interview by Vincent Urbani with the photographer Hubért Crabieres.
In the second part, however, we find photographic projects by Erika Giulietti, Vincenzo Miranda, Matteo Farinelli, Giorgia Benazzo, Alessio Albano and Raul Iglesias.  
English language
Double cover
Dimensions: 16,7x23,7 cm
Number of pages: 80
Cover: soft, coated paper