Creative Review - The Journeys Issue


Creative Review has been the square bible of creatives since 1980. With advice and opinions on the creative industries at 360 degrees, this historic magazine celebrates the jobs that matter, analyzing how and why they are done.
"We're here for everyone involved in commercial creativity, anywhere in the world. We share intuition and inspiration across multiple disciplines, connecting brilliant minds to make brilliant things happen."

Creative review is a magazine that has as its reference those professionals who have the difficult task of being innovative and exuberant in their ideas, while combining their artistic side with the needs of large commercial brands.

Size: 24.5 x 24.5 cm
Cover: soft
Number of pages: 162
English language

This issue of Creative Review examines how creativity affects how we move around the world and the paths we take in our creative careers. 
More than 18 months after the global pandemic began, many of us dream of taking a trip - an opportunity to see new faces, smell new smells and have different conversations. Yet the pandemic itself was a kind of journey, which forced us to confront the limits and to consider what we want from life. It's ideas like these that we're exploring in Creative Review's Journeys issue.