99objects - Christmas balls


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99objects is an artistic and editorial project by the Bolognese duo PetriPaselli.
The idea that underpins this work has its roots in the ancestral, irrational and more contemporary than ever bond between man and the objects that surround him, which he has always bought, collected, collected and preserved. Ninety-nine is almost a hundred. An almost eternal that categorically refuses to become a never: the new, found, chosen object is never the last, but having it brings those looking for it closer to utopian completeness. Precisely for this reason the 99 publications (real art books) that, over the years, are expected to be released, symbolize the double and contradictory drive of desire, constantly poised between the infinite and the complete.
Each issue, dedicated to a specific collection, is a small photographic and visual encyclopedia that aims - through the careful aesthetic selection of the artists - to become exactly what for a collector is the object so sought and finally found. An army of key rings, trophies, ashtrays, pins. The army of things.


The sixth issue of 99objects collects 99 different examples of Christmas balls - various in shape, colors and style. Belonging to several decades and built with different materials, the Christmas balls
give the encyclopedia of volumes a wave of celebration. The six works in this volume - six watercolor backgrounds with features
dreamlike - tell about an artistic operation born from the study of the surface of the balls, the texture that covers them and which, thanks to the operation of PetriPaselli, leaves its original location, expands and, following the Christmas atmosphere that characterizes this issue, magically becomes a picture.


Dimensions: 16x23.5 cm

Cover: soft

Pages: 104

Paper: Tatami Symbol / Fedrigoni