Cineforum n.1


Cineforum is the cinema magazine of the Italian Cineforum Federation. A magazine that comes from far away and that represents the purest and most traditional form of film criticism magazine. In fact, it contains presentations, reviews, controversies and discussions on dozens of more or less recent films, analysis of film trends and authorial trends in this sector.
It is a magazine for real cinephiles, founded in 1961. Until 2020 it comes out monthly, up to the radical number 0 of 2021, the year from which it becomes a quarterly that changes its graphic and editorial aspect and decides to leave more mainstream circuits to become a niche paper reference for true enthusiasts. 

The Italian Cineforum Federation represents most of the Italian film clubs and in particular collaborates with medium-small and local realities in order to make known the masterpieces of great authors, but also to give visibility and release film projects that otherwise would have little visibility. From the vision of the films, it then organizes cineforums, conferences and debates that create and bring to life the culture of cinema in Italy. 

The Director of the new series of Cineforum magazine is Emanuela Martini, born in Forlì and film critic, until 2019 Director of the Torino Film Festival. 

Emanuela Martini / The Man in the High Castle 
Alberto Crespi / Communist Pastoral Traces of utopia in contemporary cinema
Lorenzo Rossi / An unfinished score Eastern European cinema 1991-2021 
Roberto Manassero / Kinoglaz Russian cinema 1950-present 
Promising Young Woman by Emerald Fennell Giampiero Frasca / Little Women Grow Up Carey Mulligan's Revenge 
Collective by Alexander Nanau Alessandro Uccelli / Flames over Bucharest The indignation of a filmmaker 
Judas and the Black Messiah by Shaka King Pietro Bianchi / Giuda or ambiguity The boy who betrayed Fred Hampton
Pier Maria Bocchi / Rodrigo Sorogoyen Reflecting Spain through genres ITALIAN LANDSCAPES
Massimo Causo / Towards the South The chromatic spectra of Puglia 
Anton Giulio Mancino / From station to station The comings and goings of the Apulian imagination
The places Map with the locations of the films 
Anton Giulio Mancino / Between beauty and commitment Interview with Michele Placido 
Extraliscio - Dance punk by Elisabetta Sgarbi
Emanuela Martini / Punk'n'Polka Between the Giro d'Italia 2020 and Sanremo 2021, the new sound of the Romagna group 
Nexo Musicals 
Elisabetta Sgarbi / A band of extraterrestrials The author recounts the encounter with her characters 
Massimo Lastrucci / Facce da balera The smooth in Italian cinema
Carlo Pagetti / Tribute to George Orwell From the Napoleon pig to Big Brother 
Emiliano Morreale, Mariapaola Pierini / Edgar who will be a hundred years old in 2021 All the stars of an eccentric cinefago 
Beautiful and damned by Gianni Amelio / Dead Man William Blake's circular journey 
Revised and politically correct by Gualtiero De Marinis / Reread Lolita in Los Angeles County 
The long farewell Federico Pedroni / The grinning man The thousand faces of Christopher Plummer