Casa Brutus

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Casa Brutus is a renowned interior design and lifestyle magazine from Japan. Each issue explores a different theme with the aim of helping its readers to "enjoy" life.
Regardless of the knowledge of the language (Casa Brutus is entirely in Japanese), it is a magazine that we recommend for its visual component. 

Number of pages: 146
Japanese language

Objects you encountered when you were little have unknowingly influenced you or became your starting point. Masterpieces of products and spaces designed with children in mind have a universality that attracts adults beyond time and boundaries.
In this special issue of Casa Brutus magazine the fascination of what has been designed for children is explored. From the works of world famous masters, such as Munari, to the splendid furniture and toys that children want to keep even when they grow up, to the spaces and parks dedicated to the little ones. Among these pages (in Japanese with reading from right to left) are presented 100 design masterpieces that adults still appreciate.