Studio About glass candles

€43,70 €54,05

Studio About oil candles are mouth blown and made from borosilicate glass. This type of glass withstands large changes in temperature, so you never have to worry about the glass overheating and bursting.
In addition, the glass is scratch resistant and retains its color, which means you have a light that will last forever and remain as beautiful as the first day. If you need to clean it, you can simply wash it with soap and water.

Available in three colors: pink, yellow and blue.

Instructions: Insert the wick into the glass tube, fill the candle with oil using the small funnel supplied, also wetting the tip of the wick.
NOTE: Make sure the spark plug has cooled before adding oil.

Dimensions: diameter 22 mm, height 210 mm

STUDIO ABOUT is a Danish design studio founded by the architect Mikkel Lang Mikkelsen and the photographer Soffy Dombernowsky. 
Combining functionality and beauty in equal measure, Studio About products are designed to make design a part of your home, whatever the purpose you want to give it: a vase of flowers, a container, or simply a beautiful installation.
Inspired by the principle of contrast, the objects signed by Studio About are delicate and made following an experimental approach in