C41 approx. 12


C-41 is the world's best known and most popular chromogenic printing film development process. Also known as Fuji's CN-16, Konica's CNK-4 and AGFA's AP-70, C41 it is also the name of the independent magazine dedicated to contemporary visual arts founded in Milan by Luca Attilio Caizzi. 
Among the pages of this magazine beautiful stories are told through the lenses of photographers from all over the world: lifestyle, fashion, design, outdoor, creative communities are just some of the topics covered.

In a chaotic world dominated by contradictory information, research delimits the boundaries of individual space. What we seek defines ourselves as well as what we avoid. In the noise everyone creates their own moments of silence. Set your filters and enjoy the view.
With: Chloe Cherry, Barbara Corti, Kelly Lee Owens, Google Trends, Norbert Niederkofler, Mullet Generation, Simple Flair, Yasujirō Ozu, Benedetta Barzini, Beniamino Barrese, Luwei, Steiner&Wolińska, Amelia Johnson, Peter Doyle, Marię Bruce, Nicolas Haeni, Nina Yashar, Andrew Reisinger, Rocky Mattioli, Jathson, SPACE10 and Outpost Office.

Pages: 320
Dimensions: 16.5x24cm
Cover: soft
English language