Bum # 2


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Bum is an independent Finnish zine of culture, design and architecture, printed in a limited number of copies using editorial techniques from the 1980s. 
In each issue, editors meet emerging talents in these three disciplines exhibiting projects or making critical articles on existing projects.
Printing is done with soy-based ink in risograph. 
The resulting editorial product is particularly sui generis for two reasons: it is a limited zine in terms of number of pages, but the type of almost artisanal printing makes each copy unique.
It is a zine that finally breaks a pattern and a taboo with the reader: it openly says what its costs are, in a clear and concise way we find them expressed on the site. 

What makes a public space good? When is a species invasive? Why can't I find a good public toilet? BUM Edition 2 collects a series of articles, projects and works of art by artists, architects and designers around the theme "Just".

  • Just Toilets by architect Marianna Janowicz
  • Finding Phenomena: Democratic Sports by Franny Françoise
  • Love Thy (Non-Human) Neighbor by designer Louize Harries
  • Just A Second by visual artist Dominique Ellis
  • Umpire Chairs by visual artist and architect Elisabeth Ek
  • That’s Not Just the Way It Is! by civil servant Ashleigh Watkins
  • Zoom Room by interior architect Markus Holste
  • All Inclusive by architectural designer Cristina Gaidos and architect Mark David Flynn
  • Don't Go Don't Go Don't Go Stay Here / Don't Ever End by painter Linden Carter
  • Panopti-fun by architect Lee Marable

Why does BUM cost € 25? Its editors explain it to us:
Risograph Printing Costs: ~ € 7.50 / copy
Contributor's Fees: ~ € 7.50 / copy
Packing Costs: ~ € 1 / copy
VAT: € 6 / copy
Editing, Design, Prepress, Administration, Marketing, Illustration: € 3 / copy

Pages: 20
English language
Dimensions: 20x27.5 cm