Brillo n.9


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Brillo is a new Italian illustration magazine born in April 2020, during the lockdown, with the aim of offering a showcase to emerging artists and illustrators. Born as an instagram page, it soon evolved into a magazine to give the right importance and rendering to illustrations through paper. 

The magazine therefore attaches great importance to print and paper quality. The result is that of an extremely well-finished magazine, with content and aesthetics. 
Brillo is not characterized by a single theme for each issue, but collects illustrations on various topics.
Not only illustration, among the pages of the magazine there are also sections dedicated to the world of art.

Dimensions: 24x31.5 cm
Number of pages: 104
Soft cover
Language: Italian and English

The ninth issue of Brillo magazine is entirely dedicated to the relationship between Illustration and the world of fashion. Among its pages there are not illustrators who tell their point of view on this topic, but also fashion brands who apply illustration to their products to make them unique and iconic.

Cover: Bertrand Aznar