Borshch is an electronic music magazine above and beyond the dance floor.
Founded in Berlin in 2017, it is a space to spark open dialogues and challenge established ideas on how to make, listen and dance to music.
Borshch discusses the artistic, social and political impact of electronic music on contemporary culture, inside and outside the clubs. The paper edition of the magazine is published every six months.

Dimensions: 31x23 cm
Number of pages: 92
Cover: soft
English language

Borshch number 6 gets carried away by melancholy in the wake of the very strange period we are living through. With the clubs closed and the concerts canceled, music is once again something to be experienced in private, in solitude. An act of faith against the chaos that surrounds us, almost a return to adolescence when, closed in our room with headphones in our ears, we imagined our future and perhaps, naively, we expected it to be different. 

In conversations with the magazine's editors, Lanark Artefax, Lyra Pramuk, Nazar, Hiro Kone, Bill Kouligas, Amnesia Scanner, Farwarmth, Helena Hauff and Racine examine bits and pieces of their memories, values and intentions of making music. When you get back to where you started and remember the days when the world was big, you were small and nothing was impossible, you start playing again. You are free and protect your inner child. Are you at home.