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Bolo 3 is the main editorial project of Bolo Paper.
Halfway between fanzine and magazine, graphic and artistic experimentation reaches levels of freedom among these fluorescent pages that are rarely found in a magazine. 
The theme of this issue, which we have also selected for our Secret Mag Club in May, is "Death is indispensable", approaching with the sarcasm and the pungent irony that distinguishes all the works of Bolo Paper a delicate theme like that of death.

The magazine is printed in 550 copies all with different covers. The covers are, in fact, generated randomly with the combination of different photoshop actions in order to obtain an unpredictable and always different graphic effect.

Contributor: Tyler Spangler, Rico Greb, Grzegorz Czaplicki, Francesco Cutway, Alice Bosco, Franz Murtas, Ollie Heald, Rachel Derum, Sara Sacilotto, Paper Draper, Michelle Eismann, Thomas Raimondi, Hojin Kang, Soup Studio, Alessandro Cripsta, Alessandro Strickner, Clara Richard , Andrija Čugurović, Marco Agosta, Matilde Cassarini, La Piccina, Dmitry Borshch, Silvia Giuseppone, Alberto Panegos, Noemi Romano and Marco Nicotra.

Dimensions: 17 x 21.5 cm
Number of pages: 112 pages in 8 colors
Offset printing
Glossy paper of 135 gr and Cyclus Offset of 140 gr. C.
Ink colors: gold, silver, fuchsia, dark purple, light purple, metallic green and black