Blumenhaus n.2


Blumenhaus is a luxurious hybrid between an art book and a magazine, founded and designed by Camille Gressier and Isabelle Laydier Kristensen.
This new independent magazine travels back in time with a philosophical and romantic approach. to explore the world of art and fashion through botany.
Written exclusively in English by a group of professionals and journalists specializing in botany, it focuses as much on the aesthetic side - mixing contemporary images and ancient archives - as on providing insights to its readers.

Dimensions: 25x35
Number of pages: 196
Soft cover
English language

In this volume:
- The English Garden by Josh Taylor
- Ikebana, working with nature by Laura Ariès
- Portrait of Anna Atkins by Annabel Dover
- A Guide to Cut and Dried Flowers by Carolyn Dunster
- The lexicon of flowers in Daniel Bilbrey's Pre-Raphaelite art
Illustrations that make us dream:
- Pia Riverola Jamaica Florists
- Images of floral still lifes by Tim Van der Most
- Indian Affair di Imdad Barbhuyan
- Flower Power by Jenny Ronen
- A herbarium from 1901
Meetings with:
Polly Fern
Luke Edward Hall
Nuria Val
Regime of flowers

And so much more…