Benji Knewman vol. 13


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Benji Knewman he is a man of about 42 who is trying to be genuine and who at times seems to be able to be genuine following his grandfather's teachings: "Ben, how you spend your day is how you spend your life!" Today Benji Knewman is more everywhere than anywhere. Mostly he is on the road, still looking for his perfect day. And while he does so, he curates a semi-annual bookazine, based in Riga, which tells stories of authentic people discovering a myriad of vocations, lifestyles and places that show that you don't have to follow the patterns to have a great life.

Dimensions: 14 x 20 cm
Cover: soft
Number of pages: 227
Swiss binding
Language: English and Latvian with a part in Russian

Volume 13
It has been a year of magical thoughts.
"My mom at one point realized that my relationship with this woman had become" unhealthy ", so to speak. And then she said:" But do you understand that you will have to lick her pussy ?! "" You told me, Mom. . It wouldn't have occurred to me, I thought we would just hold hands! ""
"I left Riga that winter on a pilgrimage to Lake Sevan, where the periscope-like café in front of Writers' Resort overlooks rough waters. The story behind this site is full of longing and absence, and I still felt it. more because I had left someone in Riga, knowing, even if I didn't admit it to myself, that things were about to end ".
"I don't care how anatomically revealing pornographic videos are, although some points of view teach me new things about the human body. It is impossible to get sexual pleasure by watching videos that were so clearly created to please men who have no interest in sexual pleasure. of women".
"I bought myself a good knife. The first night I cut my hand twice. Okay, the wise men say, the knife is getting used to you and makes a friendship. Then the knife cut the sponge and the cutting board has started to look like the arms of a depressed teenager. Yet it's great to have your own knife. Now I'm going to buy some baking soda to help stabilize the feeling of home. "