Auslöser no. 3


Auslöser is a biennial bilingual (German and English) photography magazine. This is not a technical magazine, but a creative medium for photographers and art lovers focused on the stories of the people who hide behind the camera. 

Auslöser is divided into three sections. The first section includes four in-depth interviews with four stylistically different photographers, but also different in origin and age who together create a mosaic of high contrasts. The second section shows a company, a laboratory, a typography, a photographic studio, a dark room and everything that is hidden behind the scenes of photography, offering insights into otherwise invisible areas. The third section is a focus on a camera focused not so much on the technical aspects as on its aesthetic artistic realization.

* Auslöser [aʊ̯sløːzɐ] ("Shutter Button" / "Trigger" / "Release"; German; Noun)

Dimensions: 16X22 cm

Number of pages: 160

Paper: Amber graphic 300gr and 120 gr

Language: German / English

Binding: Swiss paperback with open thread stitching


Interviews with photographers Paul Albert Leitner, Nadia Morozewicz, Daniel Chatard, Katrin Koenning

Behind the scenes: Vienna Secession

Machines in detail: a blast from the past with the Apple QuickTake



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