Athleta # 6


Athleta is an independent magazine that talks about sport, but defining it like this would be really an understatement, that's why, to tell you about it, we borrow the words of those Athleta who lives and does it: 
"Athleta is the words of sport. It is a piece of writing that helps the image. It creates the atmosphere by giving a personal, highly personal interpretation. It is a journey into the principle of resilience, in the discovery of one's limits through the body. of the goal to reach, of the point to be scored, of the sacrifice to be made. Athleta is the photographic story of all this. It is the essence of strength and the absence of failure. That never exists when you are aware of having given These are pages that must be looked at, explored and understood. They are images that have a soul and that touch the soul. They are details to discover and colors to taste. They are journeys to be undertaken ".

Dimensions: 21x27 cm
Number of pages: 176
Soft cover
Language: English with final translation into Italian

The cover of Athleta Magazine Issue 6 is signed by Tobias Volkmann and introduces us to the all-female world of the Panther Cheerleading Club, in a small Bavarian town. Another pink universe is the rugby one of AMAR, an Islamic team from Marrakech. We then catapult into freerunning among the Sassi of our Matera, on an exciting ride in the Mexican lands of the jaripeo, on a dystopian journey into the perverse paradise of the armories and in the elegant environment of the pilot, the traditional Valencian game. Athleta Magazine Issue 6 also contains an equine odyssey in ancient India and a colorful look at the cycling tribe of the Vuelta.

EDITOR: Giovanni Gallio
PHOTO EDITOR: Sara Capovilla
GRAPHICS: Alessandra Pavan