Archipelago n.1


Arcipelago is a biannual magazine published by C.P. Company. 
Born in 1985 with the name of C.P. Company Magazine as an innovative promotional operation, because no sportswear brand had ever created a magazine up to that moment, the Magazine immediately distinguished itself from other fashion publications thanks to the exceptional format for the time.
With the same spirit, today after more than 35 years, C.P. Company launches "Arcipelago": a journey through an intricate network of cultures, urban landscapes, industrial scenarios, tensions and stories gravitating around C.P. Company, which conceal our company's fascination for exceptional objects. 

The first issue of Arcipelago tells about exciting places and experiences and their different interpretations: from a guide to birdwatching in the Venice lagoon, to the extraordinary images of nocturnal hunts for grasshoppers, the so-called “Nsenene”, taken in Uganda by Michele Sibiloni; from fly fishing in the north of England to Daniela Facchinato's photographs in Mutonia, the abandoned quarry on the Italian Adriatic coast occupied by the Mutoid Waste Company since 1990, up to Richard Long's exploration of land art themes.

Pages: 115
Dimensions: 240 x 300 mm
English language