Arabpop n.1


Arabpop is a new independent Italian magazine that wants to tell everyone, and not just scholars in the sector, about the cultural changes taking place in the Arab world after the 2011 revolutions.
The purpose of the publication is to offer a new imaginary on the Arab world, which until now has often only been associated with wars and terrorism or confusedly told through obsolete stereotypes. 
Entirely dedicated to art and culture that comes from the Middle East, its pages include insights, interviews, original works by Arab artists * and writers and writers *, translations of articles that have appeared in the Arab cultural press, reviews of films, books, and more

Number of pages: 144
Italian language

The first issue of Arabpop is dedicated to the theme of change or, rather, of the metamorphosis that the Arab region is experiencing in the field of literature and art. The concept of metamorphosis, in fact, can be the pivot for that change of imagination on the Arab world, helping to dispel the myth of its conservatism and the immutability of a region that, since 2011, has been proving to be very dynamic.