ACT n. 1


A.C.T. is an art magazine that comes from Beirut, for the first time in Italy with Frab's. It is the first paper launch of See The A.C.T. Studios, an artistic collective split between Canada and Lebanon under the direction of Wassim Fakhouri, an eccentric Lebanese creative director and stylist who has spent his life among film studios, catwalks and art projects. 

The magazine was created with the aim of telling the artists and their creative drive. It is deliberately a magazine for complete artists, not for "pretenders" as Fakhouri wants to specify. In fact, with photographic reportages and texts he tells the stories of those who live on art every hour of their life and are able to see art in everything. It aims to enter the creative process and describe, by the artists, how their drives are born. It does so by telling of artistic experiences, but also real life stories and fragments of current events, without neglecting the complicated Lebanese cultural and political situation.

It is a magazine that from the first edition exudes creative flair, does not follow already seen graphic design paradigms, but serves as a tool to inspire other artists. It is a very intimate and personal project by Fakhouri, given to the press amidst the thousand difficulties of the Lebanese uprisings of February 2020. 

The Middle Eastern soul is predominant in the contents of the magazine and, without going directly into it, it tells us about the cultural battles that this piece of the world is experiencing today. 

A.C.T. it is produced in 500 numbered copies, and we are very proud to have it in our selection.


ISSUE 1 - "Girls can't do what the guys do"

In this first issue, released in February 2020, Fakhouri tells us about the genesis of ACT magazine, entering the story of his personal life and that of the characters who animate this first issue, his old acquaintances and friendships in the artistic world, including which stand out the Drag Queen Sultana and Luuuxxe and a former Miss Lebanon now an entrepreneur and a successful woman.

The title of this first release "Girls can't do what the guys can do" introduces varied but all female content. The magazine is a collection of artists' experiences as the creator of the magazine understands them, which they tell each other in their intimacy and in their activity. 

The photographic component, the result of a long study and research work, is significant in leaving the reader, in the will of the authors, the freedom to imagine. 

Press: February 2020
Edition: 500 numbered copies
Pages: 104
Dimensions: 24x33 cm
Cover paper:
Prado 300 gsm / Uncoated 
Magazine paper: Woodfree 120 gsm / Uncoated