A magazine curated by n.23


A MAGAZINE curated by is a biannual publication that explores the creative sphere of a single fashion designer for each issue, invited to take care of every aspect, from graphics to content. Each edition celebrates the ethics of this artist (be it an individual, a group or a fashion house): his passion, his stories, emotions, spontaneity and authenticity.
Come tale, A MAGAZINE curated by it is a totally free and dynamic publication, a cultural declaration for individuality in an increasingly homogeneous sector.

Issue 23 of A magazine Curated By was edited by Francesco Risso, Italian stylist and creative director of the Milanese fashion house Marni.
Drawing from an intimate yet diverse community of artists, musicians, writers, photographers, family and friends, A Magazine Curated By Francesco Risso is an analogue exploration of the printed object through a myriad of visual and philosophical stimuli that challenge contemporary notions and living.

Selected contributors:
Andrea Artemisio, Babak Radboy, Betsy Podlach, Camilla Nickerson, Charlie Fox, Charlie Gosling, Chiara Bardelli Nonino, Cosmo & Merlin Sheldrake, Dan Colen, Dev Hynes, Dorothy Sing Zhang, Eva Beresin, Flaminia Veronesi, Francesca Sorrenti, Frank & John Navin, Jamie Hawkesworth, Jonah Hill, Jordan Hemingway, Julien d’Ys, Lawrence Steele, Lexie Smith, Lola Montes, Luis Alberto Rodriguez, Michele Rizzo, Rachel Chandler, Raul de Nieves, Sara Moonves, Sergio Cattivelli, Shoplifter, Sophie von Hellermann, Terraforma and Wilfrid Wood.