212 issue 10


212 Magazine is a large format biennial international magazine based in Istanbul.
It is a publication on art and society that focuses in each issue on a different theme, within which various topics are addressed through long and in-depth articles, short fiction, photographic essays and interviews.
212 is a playground for photographers, artists and writers to communicate their thoughts on any given topic. The goal is to collide with the world of photography, art, fashion and culture in general, with a precise editorial identity that blends past and present in a "long-hour".

Dimensions: 28 x 39 cm
Cover: soft
Number of pages: 168
English language

ISSUE # 10 - Future Shock
The theme of the tenth issue of 212 was borrowed from the book title of a 1970 book by futurist writer Alvin Toffler, in which Toffler states that "the future comes too soon and in the wrong order". Summarizing the term "Future Shock" in a 1973 Alex Grasshoff documentary of the same name, narrator Orson Welles explains: 'Future Shock is a disease that results from too many changes in too short a time; the feeling that nothing is more permanent; it is the reaction to the changes that happen so fast that we cannot absorb them, it is the premature arrival of the future. For those unprepared, its effects can be quite devastating. "

2020 has come as a Future Shock, we are not prepared, but we are embarking on a journey into the future, defeated and overwhelmed. This issue of 212 is dedicated to understanding, seeing and discussing the effects, triggers and consequences of this shock.

On the cover: The Screen Door, by Cig Harvey

Without giving up on our dreams, we focus on topics that we cannot ignore.

On the cover: The Screen Door, by Cig Harvey