Most of the magazines we select on Frab's are made of recycled paper and often with eco-sustainable inks.
For us, making culture does not simply mean "selling magazines", but bringing messages and sharing them with those who share our same passion. And what is the use of culture if not to make society tend towards something better, to interpret, to intrigue, to elevate the spirit?

Getting the magazines perfectly preserved is a starting point for our service, but that of one packaging or another is a choice. Frab's has chosen to have a packaging with the lowest possible environmental impact, trying not to contribute to the circulation of polluting and non-decomposable materials. 

What do we do, concretely?

Bulky packs entirely recycledi: for larger packages we do not buy boxes or packaging materials, but we recycle 100% of the boxes of the packages that arrive to us directly from the publishers. For this reason the boxes and the material to cushion the impacts may not seem new. We use what we get to ensure that you receive the magazines in perfect condition, without adding any other material to the environmental circuit.

- Recycled cardboard envelopes: All the cardboard envelopes in which we put the standard size packs are made of FSC certified recycled paper, with Eco-friendly certified ink. In turn, you can recycle 100% of the envelope into paper.

- Environmentally conscious couriers: We choose to work with couriers who have an eye on the environment. GLS and BRT are our couriers in Italy for standard shipments and DHL for express shipments, extra Schengen and special services. 

- The courier envelopes made from recycled material: GLS and BRT use bags made with 80% recycled plastic (Blue Angel and EcoLoop certified), DHL uses partially recycled plastic bags.

    Finally, inside the packaging you will continue to find our heart and our love for printed paper in the wrapping of magazines that we customize for each individual order. Since we left we have already used different papers, photographs of all kinds, from planes to flowers, colored ribbons, postcards from all over the world, handwritten cards dedicated to you. We do not know what we will invent in the future, but behind the bytes we exchange, giving you a nice, dedicated and personal package is the most fun and immediate thing we can do to convey a little bit of us. Without words, beyond the internet, with the power of creativity alone.