Frab's Magazines & More is a portal specialized in the sale of independent and collector's magazines.

The project was born from an idea of Anna and it is a cultural dissemination operation that accompanies the sale of magazines with the organization of activities related to experience in the world of art, culture and publishing. 

In our store you will not find all the independent magazines in the world, but a selection of editorial products that, in our opinion, return a significant cultural and artistic contribution.

For us, the magazine is an act of resistance in historical time that makes inculturation a value. 

Selling magazines with limited editions and spreading in the editorial and cultural field is an apparent contradiction in which we have fully found the reason for our commitment to this project.

Today the idea that study, culture and interest in knowledge in general are still basic elements for a society is wavering. However, we believe that the involution of the typical culture of our times only brings unpleasant consequences. Our commitment and our desire to spread culture starts from here. And we decided, perhaps against all good business sense, to do it through publishing because publishing, the classic one made of paper and ink, embodies the power of the written word and the image and the ability to stop it over time, letting the free thought of the authors run through the fingers of the readers.

Our store is online, where we handle shipments all over the world, in our physical space in Forlì in via dei Filergiti, 1 which contains all our selection, and currently also in the spaces of Contemporary Cluster in Rome in Via Merulana 248, where we take care of a catalog of over 200 magazines. 

Although we believe that art must be released from algorithms and numerical codes that would influence its purity and spontaneity in a race for likes and views, we are fascinated by the internet and its potential. 

With this project we want to help publishers by concentrating quality editorial projects in a single container that can offer added value. In our shop, in a constant dialogue between real and virtual, offline and online, we talk about unique editorial projects, making the most of the network to give power, far beyond physical borders, to the magazines we deal with.   

The magazine is a beautiful object in itself. 

In addition to the content, the logic and reason for the magazine's existence today is that of an object of undisputed beauty. The glossy rotogravure of the 1980s is now definitively supplanted by the millions of sites that shoot gossip or last-minute news. But beyond the questionable contents suitable for umbrella frivolities, for several years the logic of the price has reduced to a rag from an aesthetic point of view what was at the time called "magazine". 

The magazine today must represent an object full of quality content, but also overflowing with attention to design and graphic details for the enjoyment of the view. 

The choice of paper or experimental materials that the bravest use, then becomes a captivating sensorial element capable of permanently changing the perception of the content. Touch in reading a magazine has the same function as a conductor: guide and conduct, transport and address letters and images.

Smell is the other human variable that emerges powerfully from the pages of an editorial product. The almost infinite variety of fragrances given by the mix of ink, glue and colors awakens a dormant instinct that gives primordial memory to the reader. Pushed to the extreme, the smell of a magazine can make you fall in love without meaning or make you read something that you would never have read. 

It is for this and for a thousand other reasons that we exist. 

Trust us, we will love you.