WRPD n.10


WRPD (acronym for Wrapped) is an Italian magazine that promotes the dialogue between fashion, photography and art, focusing on what is happening in the global indie scene.
Art, fashion, music and cinema are "crystallized" in the pages of the magazine through the visual experience of established international talents, designers, emerging photographers and writers.
The magazine's goal is to travel in the opposite direction to everything that is mainstream and prepackaged and which, in the long run, generates a flattening of ideas and the homologation of culture.

ISSUE 10 - TENtacles
Imperceptible and passive mutations alter the physicality of an apparently dormant generation, grown up playing video games. Epidermal luminescence. At a desk, we are all virtual beings, who measure themselves with complex systems (of an illusory nature). Metal monsters. Artificial intelligences that do not entertain, but recruit man for new challenges.
Having reached an important milestone, with its tenth issue, WRPD amazes us with an even more refined editorial design and invites us to reflect on the future and new technologies. 

Dimensions: 24 × 32 cm
Number of pages: 224 pages