RVM Black issue


Visible binding, different types of paper, inserts of different sizes. It would be enough to stop at aesthetics to argue that RVM is one of the most beautiful editorial products that you can happen to hold in your hands, but it is the content that removes any doubt. 
RVM goes beyond the concept of a magazine to become an art book and a collector's item. Essentially a photography magazine (let the covers not mislead), the RVM scaffolding is made up of photographic projects combined with stories. There are also columns, in-depth articles, reviews, illustrations, patterns that keep secrets and much more for a visual, tactile and olfactory experience that reaches straight to the heart.
Each issue investigates the contemporary starting from a color, as if it were a photographic filter useful for unraveling a reality that is often difficult to understand.
With a ten-year history behind it (previously RearViewMirror 2009-2014), RVM was reborn in 2016 with RVM HUB, the company that deals with photographic publishing, organization of workshops, curation and production of exhibitions, awards and grants that launched the course of the magazine. At the helm the publisher Agnese Porto, the editorial director Giammaria De Gasperis, the editor-in-chief Veronica Daltri and the art director Francesca Pignataro.

Dimensions: 23x30 cm
Number of pages: 160
Language: Italian and English

The Black Issue
"This time we took color too seriously; the Black Issue it became our black hole, it sucked us in, chewed and spit us out in a different time plane, in a place where the accumulated delay turned into awareness. But here we are with our third release, which follows the RedorIssue and the White Issue".
Photographers and illustrators: Laura Pannack, Katrin Koenning, Sarker Protick, Michele Palazzi, Mayumi Suzuki, Piergiorgio Casotti, Emanuele Brutti, Sakiko Nomura, Mathias Depardon, Mary Frey, Fatemeh Baigmoradi, Marco De Masi
Collaborators: Mauro De Bonis (Limes), Clement Saccomani, Alessandra Piolotto, Giulia Zorzi, Cat Lachowskyj
Writers: Vins Gallico, Paolo Di Paolo, Francesca Scotti, Andrea Pomella, Mariasole Ariot
Cover artwork and header lettering: Sunday Büro
Project openings: Mistaker studio