How Much Magazine


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How much is an all-Italian experiment in a speculative literature review. Science fiction and dystopia embrace the manageable madness of these pages which are candidates to become a cult of independent Italian literature. 

The choice of cards is of considerable depth, carefully printed and mixed to interact with the characters of the stories.

The text fonts used in Quanto are three exclusive declensions of Meta-The-Difference-Between-The-Two-Fonts (MTDBT2F), a font created by Dexter Sinister (David Reinfurt & Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey) and derived from MetaFont, the typographic design system programmed by Donald Knuth in 1979. MTDBT2F is able to generate an infinite number of variants by intervening on 5 parameters (Pen, Weight, Slant, Superness, Curlyness) that modify a basic alphabet.

Dimensions: 16.5 x 20.5 cm
Pages: 62
Cover: soft with transparent dust jacket and holographic foil
Italian language
Carta: Fedrigoni Sirio Color 210 gr/m2, Arjowiggins Curious Matter 135 gr/m2, Gardamatt Ultra 130 gr/m2
Binding: kitchen paperback

ISSUE # 1 edition: 500 copies

Issue #1 [SOLD OUT]
In the first issue of Quanto there is an author's tale accompanied by 7 original illustrations. 
Two comic sections on blue paper open and close the 64 pages of the volume,
printed in three inks: black and two metallic colors (silver and purple), on three different papers.

The story of the first issue is that of an undertaker who works for the company, the technological multinational that governs the world and much of the universe. He breaks his back 15 hours a day collecting the corpses of his first lives and, in the meantime, he loves madly a colleague of his from the "chemical dissolution" department.

The corporate bureaucracy, troubled by the emergence of powerful and unpredictable emotions in its employees, prevents Gregory Coil from giving substance to his feelings. Frustrated, as no human has done for 200 years now, the gravedigger will begin to write poetry, thus arousing the morbid interest of the company which will do everything to get its hands on his conscience.

In this future universe, art (understood as a mystical, magical impulse
and imponderable) is what distinguishes man from machine and makes him essential in the universal ecosystem.

Unable to produce anything creative, technology finds itself admiring, fascinated and frightened, the human power to produce reality through the witchcraft of creativity.



"The Big Mouth that devours everything, even itself" it just arrived on Frab's shelf and you can order it WHO.