Manaròt n.2


Manaròt is a new Italian literary magazine that brings together authors linked to the geographical area of Trentino, Alto Adige and its branches.
The Adige is a symbol of cultural contamination, a link between the Latin and Germanic world, the watershed between the Adriatic and the Black Sea, Europe and the Middle East. We immediately understand the purpose of this magazine, which wants to bring to light influences between different worlds and languages, Italian and European. 

The second issue of Manaròt, Alterità, contains 7 unpublished stories by authors born between 1989 and 1999: Riccardo Micheloni, Abram Tomasi, Nicolò Tabarelli, Davide Gritti, Daria de Pascale, Alex Piovan, Lucia Gambuzzi. 
To accompany the texts, a collection of photographs by Aura Tomio that tell the daily life of a group of friends from Trentino in 2020.