Barlume is a publication published by Frab's Publishing that we cannot define as a magazine, but not even a book. It is a healthy hybrid that with words and images immerses us in the atmosphere of a suburb that is Milan, but it could be the world.

The bookzine was born from an idea of Michele Arrabito which, in a sublime, mysterious and kaleidoscopic photographic project, tells the Milan of the nocturnal suburbs. His vivid images speak of a city made of glows that radiate from the windows while it is dark outside, demonstrating the eternal energy that this city lives, never going out.
Barlume is literally the energy that Michele Arrabito captured in the night lights and that we at Frab's have chosen to put on paper to make known the strong and magnetic character of the photography of an author with an unmistakable distinctive trait and that we felt it was our duty to present to the public. 

The photographic work is accompanied by 4 stories by authors who have a close link with this city and who, with their words, we have called to accompany the images to give even more depth and meaning to the project.

In the stories Giada Biaggi accompanies us in his nocturnal dream vision of a cumbersome character for Milan, one of the most controversial and discussed in Italy, with the same unmistakable style of his podcast Philosophy and The City; Ivan Carozzi he is amazed at the coincidences he finds every day in the intertwining that life creates; Matteo B. Bianchi tells us his personal story of gentrification and rebirth of the No.Lo neighborhood. And Nicola Feninno, with an engaging and at times romantic story, he narrates his NoLo, made up of temporal dimensions that are stratified to form history and stories.

Number of pages: 80
Binding: Switzerland
Insert illustrated: 8 pages staple binding
Italian language
ISBN: 9791220087056
Limited edition: 300 numbered copies


Matteo B. Bianchi:
has published the novels "Generations of love", "Stop so much", "Experiments of temporary happiness" (Dalai publisher), "Apocalypse at home" (Marsilio) and "Maria next" (Fandango). With Giorgio Vasta he edited the "Affective Dictionary of the Italian Language" (Fandango). He also published the biography “Yoko Ono. Declarations of love for a woman surrounded by hatred "(Add). On the radio he was the author of the daily program “Dispenser” for Radio Due RAI. On TV he was among the authors of "Victor Victoria" (La7), "Quelli che il calcio" (Rai Due), "X factor (Strafactor)" and "And then there is Cattelan" (Sky Uno). He directs the fiction magazine 'tina. He is the author and host of the literary podcast "Cover" for His website is
Ivan Carozzi:
he was editor in chief of Linus and worked for tv. He has written for several newspapers and periodicals. He is the author of books, always between fiction, essay and autobiography: "Sons of the stars" (Baldini and Castoldi, 2014), "Macao" (Feltrinelli digital, 2012), "Teneri violenti" (Einaudi Stile Libero , 2016) and “The age of the tiger” (Il Saggiatore, 2019). In recent years he has also been the author of podcasts and radio documentaries.
Nicola Feninno:
was born in the province of Bergamo in 1987 and lives in Milan. He writes. He is the director of CTRL magazine and oversaw the creation of the “Trilogia normalissima” (a trilogy of narrative reportage books for CTRL books). He is editor-in-chief and one of the founders of Čapek (comic magazine and other amenities). He collaborates with Rizzoli libri.
Giada Biaggi:
1991; journalist, comedian and author. Graduated in philosophy, she collaborates with various magazines including Elle, Cosmopolitan, Flash Art, D. Repubblica, The Good Life, Zero and others. In addition to journalism, she began a parallel career as a comic writer and screenwriter. In 2019, he opens his Spotify channel with the podcast Philosophy & the City where he deals with culture with a funny-erotic twist.
Michele Arrabito:
was born in 1995 in Bogotà, raised in Sicily, lives in Milan. His works have been exhibited at the Florence Biennale (2019) and published in Fucking Young (2017), Paper Magazine and Billboard Italia (2019), C41 Magazine (2021), ObFashion and Elegant, Shuba Magazine (2021).