Athleta n.8


Athleta is an independent magazine that talks about sport, but defining it like this would be really reductive, that's why, to tell you about it, we borrow the words of those who live it and do it: 
"Athleta is the words of sport. It is a piece of writing that helps the image. It creates the atmosphere by giving a personal, highly personal interpretation. It is a journey into the principle of resilience, in the discovery of one's limits through the body. In the name of the goal to reach, of the point to be scored, of the sacrifice to be made. Athleta is the photographic story of all this. It is the essence of strength and the absence of failure. That never exists when you are aware of having given These are pages that must be looked at, explored and understood. They are images that have a soul and that touch the soul. They are details to discover and colors to taste. They are journeys to be undertaken ".

Dimensions: 21x27 cm
Number of pages: 176
Soft cover
Printed on 120g uncoated paper cover on 250g uncoated paper size
Language: English with final translation into Italian


Athleta magazine n.8 is an immersion in the relationship between man and nature, man and community and man and himself. 
The introductory story is "I Want To Live in Real Madrid", a journey by Alessandro Simonetti that takes us to the hot dunes of Fuerteventura, which have become a football center for African migrants.
Then Giuliano Pugolotti in his 'Inner Dunes', tells us about a surreal ultra desert.
The desert also returns in "Una Inmensa Stepa Verde", a sublime explanation of Achille Mauri's photography in the outdoor context. 
'Ice & Fire' by Eric Scaggiante / Niccolò Varanini and 'No Temas, Somos Los Chilangos' by Jeoffrey Guillemard are instead two reportages on the bicycle that lead us into the fascinating sporting pain of cyclocross and on the other investigate the social value of the Chilangos Lowbike Club México,
community that uses the connection between art and cycling to eradicate the scourge of organized crime.
From community to community, from Mexico City to Venice
Beach, where female empowerment (and not only) is amplified on the tables from
skate of 'There Is No "I" In Grl', portrayed by Giulia Fassina. We meet then
Charlie Dark and Sanchia Legister, a pair of creative Londoners who in the race and
in yoga they found the tools to change their own and others' lives, and with
Virgil Dey, internationally renowned b-boy and performer with an anthropological and cultural vision of breakdance. Julien Da Costa's editorial based on American football and Parisian fashion 'Easy To Pick Up, Hard To Put Down' is the last piece of this new chapter of Athleta Magazine: the only place where sport is art and culture .


Editor: Giovanni Gallio Photo Editor: Sara Capovilla Graphics: Alessandra
Pavan Text Editor: Gianmarco Pacione Translation: Scott Alan Stuart Managing
Partner: Massimo Menegazzi Web and Social: Alessia Galmarini, Riccardo

CONTRIBUTORS ISSUE 08: Achille Mauri, Alessandro Simonetti, Chloe Olewitz,
Eric Scaggiante, Filippo Vianello, Giulia Fassina, Giuliano Pugolotti, Jeoffrey
Guillemard, John Bolloten, Julien Da Costa, Louis Portejoie, Niccolò Varanini,
Oliver Cable, Riccardo Romani, RiseUp Duo.