Zweikommasieben no. 23


Zweikommasieben is an independent Swiss magazine that has been dedicated to the documentation of contemporary music and sounds since the summer of 2011. 
The magazine features interviews with artists, essays and columns, as well as photography, illustration and graphics.
In addition, Zweikommasieben curates and organizes a variety of events, for example Ebbing Sounds, a symposium that was initially held in the summer of 2018 in San Francisco or the biennial Oto Nove Swiss festival based in London.

Dimensions: 24x17 cm
Number of pages: 160
Cover: soft 
Language: English and German

Regular readers of zweikommasieben will know that the creative processes we highlight in our magazine are an eclectic set of influences that result in various creative practices. This plurality informs a question that we have asked ourselves several times: what could be the common denominator that unites all the dots? For this issue, we would like to support the potential of personal experiences in each artist's journey.
Zweikommasieben # 23 also wants to make the work of his contributors visible. The annotations in the margins indicate the intuitive processes characteristic of this journal.