Cineforum n.3


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Cineforum is the cinema magazine of the Italian Cineforum Federation. A magazine that comes from far away and that represents the purest and most traditional form of film criticism magazine. In fact, it contains presentations, reviews, controversies and discussions on dozens of more or less recent films, analysis of film trends and authorial trends in this sector.
It is a magazine for real cinephiles, founded in 1961. Until 2020 it comes out monthly, up to the radical number 0 of 2021, the year from which it becomes a quarterly that changes its graphic and editorial aspect and decides to leave more mainstream circuits to become a niche paper reference for true enthusiasts. 

The Italian Cineforum Federation represents most of the Italian film clubs and in particular collaborates with medium-small and local realities in order to make known the masterpieces of great authors, but also to give visibility and release film projects that otherwise would have little visibility. From the vision of the films, it then organizes cineforums, conferences and debates that create and bring to life the culture of cinema in Italy. 

The Director of the new series of Cineforum magazine is Emanuela Martini, born in Forlì and film critic, until 2019 Director of the Torino Film Festival. 


Emiliano Morreale / It will be a laugh ... France makes fun of itself in the OSS 117 trilogy, in theaters with I Wonder 
Massimo Lastrucci / Who is the spy ... Waiting for Bond, a journey through heroes and “employees” of spy cinema 
Emanuela Martini / Kiss Kiss Bang Bang When the secret agent is a woman
Arturo Invernici / Of pen and sword Writers at the service of the Services
Three floors by Nanni Moretti - Alberto Crespi / "Do you understand what I say?" It takes another life 
The French Dispatch by Wes Anderson - Federico Pedroni / Any world is possible A cartography of The French Dispatch  
Marx can wait by Marco Bellocchio - Anton Giulio Mancino / Marco and his brothers Autobiography of a nation 
Alberto Libera / Out of time, into history Introduction to Dunes, from Frank Herbert to Denis Villeneuve 
Davide Oberto / What Ever Happened to Turin? Piedmont between décor and conflicts 
Davide Oberto / Mutant spaces Interview with Daniele Gaglianone 
Map with movie locations 
Tullio Masoni / A pessimistic and enlightened bourgeois The Locarno retrospective does justice to Alberto Lattuada's talent 
Emanuela Martini / Le Diable au corps He turns fifty The devils by Ken Russell, which the Red Shoes association will present at the end of October in Rome 
Beautiful and damned - Gianni Amelio / I want Garcia's head Too dark at the gates of heaven 
Revised and politically correct - Gualtiero De Marinis / Bowdlerizing Othello Whitening the Moor 
The long goodbye - Alberto Morsiani / Moving figures Bets with the nothing of Monte Hellman 
FESTIVAL 74th Cannes Film Festival 
Pier Maria Bocchi (p.m.b.), Chiara Borroni (c.b.), Roberto Manassero (r.m.), Lorenzo Rossi (l.r.), Alessandro Uccelli (a.u.) / Twenty-five films and five reflections 
Cineforum report cards 
Pier Maria Bocchi, Chiara Borroni, Roberto Manassero, Lorenzo Rossi, Alessandro Uccelli / What remains of the Festival