Carnale n.2


Carnale is an independent Italian magazine ready to amaze you with its pages full of what its editors call "Milanese libido". 
Born from an idea of Augusto Arduini (Art Director) and Simone Cossettini (photographer), Carnale mixes fashion and eroticism, celebrating the attraction and visceral beauty of things.
The experience offered by Carnale is not limited to the pages of the magazine, but becomes cross-media involving all the senses. By framing the pages with the Aria app, you can see the images come to life.

The second issue of Carnale, Motel, is a "dirty" journey that sometimes borders on pornography without ever being vulgar. Through photography, fashion, art and illustration and writing, the magazine is structured like a real motel in which each room constitutes a chapter characterized by different topics and media.
This second issue of Carnale also presents an augmented reality experience through Aria App and a playlist edited by Gnmr (Gianmaria Coccoluto). 

400 pages
16 photographic projects
5 artistic contributions
8 textual contributions

Dimension: 22,5 X 30 CM
Language: English and Italian

12 months, 12 sentences, 12 images embodied by different characters, obsessions, pleasures, impulses. 
A limited edition publication with a very large format to spend a year surrounded by fashion and eros.