Aversive Adhesives


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Aversive Adhesive is a zine of stickers created by Max Siedentopf. 
It is a stand alone publishing project as simple as it is dramatically intense, profound and able to literally remain glued to the memories of those who take it by the hand. 
The concept is simple: we are bombarded every day with images of aesthetic beauty everywhere, but often we fail to keep them in mind. In beauty bulimia, what remains imprinted in our minds are the most repulsive, the most horrible images. 

Max Siedentopf, an eclectic thirty-year-old artist does just that: he creates lots of stickers with photos and images assembled by him that have in common repellence in a broad sense. Horrifying, horrid, crippled images, which however remain etched in our memories, as well as creating a bit of disgust. 

Aversive Adhesive is a project of subversion of the canons of beauty, as well as a beautiful collection of stickers.

Dimensions: 21x24cm
Language: very little written text is in English