American Chordata n.11


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American Chordata is an art and literary short story magazine based in Brooklyn, USA. Published by the American Chordata Fundation it is the result of an experiment in "literary democracy".
In fact, it was born in 2014 by experts in the publishing sector with the intention of building, in parallel with their main activity, a democratic means and free from the corporate logic of the large publishing houses. American Chordata is an independent project of little-known writers and art lovers who bring together their stories, their absurd stories, their literary passion and their artistic projects in this publication. They leave the mainstream of their work made up of hierarchies and business logic and give unlimited space to their creativity.

Nonfiction: Yvonne Cha and Bria Adimora Godley
Fiction: Jancie Creaney and Jack Gain
Poems: Derrick Austin, Gabrielle Bates, Anaïs Duplan, Elisa Gabbert, Elisa Gonzalez, Emelie Griffin, João Luís Barreto Guimarães (trans. António Ladeira & Calvin Olsen), Richie Hofmann, Marti Irving, Laura Kolbe, Victoria Kornick, Rachel Mannheimer, Aksinia Mihaylova (trans. Marissa Davis) and Lisa Russ Spaar
Illustrations and photographs: Eylül Aslan, Lemia Monet Bodden, Jon Cardwell, Carmen Chan, Masha Demianova, Sally Egbert, Melvin Israel, John Kinney, Aundre Larrow, Leonardo Magrelli, K. Nyame Maison, Tim Matusch, Stephanie Mei-Ling, Olivia Noss , Pionara, Paula Prats, Michael Raines, Isaac Solomon, Jocelyn Spaar, Heather Sten, Akilah Townsend, Faye Wei Wei and Meng Zhou