1 Granary n. 6


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Born in 2012 as an educational and cultural dissemination website by young fashion designers from Central Saint Martins in London, Academy of Art, 1 Granary has for some years been an interesting editorial work of inspiration for young fashion designers.

The aim of the magazine and of the collective of fashion scholars who continue to produce it, is to speak to young designers who enter a fashion system that crushes talents and engulfs them. While remaining independent of any university or fashion institute, the authors of 1 Granary create a very educational magazine that wants to help young independent fashion designers make their way into the ultra-competitive world of fashion. 

650 pages each year tell about projects of more or less established fashion designers and look at the fashion system from inside.



With unprecedented honesty and depth, 1 Granary Issue 6 dives into the work and life of today's designers. In response to the building of cults of desire and personality that govern our industry, the magazine moves away from conventional profiles and editorials, focusing instead on raw work and anonymous, unfiltered testimonials. For the first time ever, readers are given a truthful insight into the process, dreams, fears, struggles and struggles of today's creatives.

Going beyond the usual and superficial glorification of creativity, the issue celebrates and analyzes the value of design by showing the complexity of the creative process, from the initial inspiration to the final work. The visual elements of the issue focus on sketchbooks, illustrations, displays and shots of new and established fashion designers, accompanied by an in-depth explanation of their work and the creative process. More than ever, the magazine is a unique and timeless source of education for loyal readers and aspiring designers.