Capsule n.1


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Capsule is the new magazine created by Kaleidoscope dedicated to the world of design in its broadest sense - interiors and architecture, fashion, technology, ecology, craft - to investigate the relationship between desire and consumption.
It is a sort of hybrid between a magazine and a book, which among its pages also celebrates the historic Italian publications that deal with design.
Its title is a tribute to the Nakagin Capsule Tower, one of the symbols of the Japanese Metabolism movement conceived by Kisho Kurokawa and built in 1972 in Tokyo, which is currently being dismantled to make way for new buildings.

Made by the KALEIDOSCOPE team under the creative direction of Alessio Ascari,
the magazine is directed by the Swiss company Kasper-Florio and Samuel Bänzinger, in collaboration with the American artist Hassan Rahim. The editorial team is made up of Deputy Editor Paul Cournet, Chief Editor Nicholas Korody and General Editors Tibor Bielicky and Ellena Ehrl.

English language

Large format, spiral, paper changes, stickers, leporelli. The first issue of Capsule is immediately presented for what it is: a wonderful hybrid, a bookzine to collect, read and reread again. 
This first issue comes with three different covers: 
The first number comes with a
set of three covers:
In Oswalde Does Milano, it goes to the source with Jenna Fletcher, and her refined design.
Mario Bellini Forever celebrates the ability to adapt to change on the occasion of the reissue of its iconic modular sofa Le Mura.
Plastic Drip traces the mutability of plastic as a material and metaphor on the occasion of a new exhibition at the Design Museum glass
Among the pages of the magazine there is also talk of the Milanese designer Nanda Vigo, whose work is only starting to receive the recognition it deserves;
we look at Alessandro Mendini's work as an editor, discovering that his
inheritance on the written page is as essential as its design; meet Aaron Aujla and Benjamin Bloomstein of Green River Project, who are making a sensation with their unique handcrafted interiors; we interview Karim Rashid; and so on.