Artichoke n. 68


This renowned magazine of the Design Institute of Australia comes from Australia.

A technical and inspirational piece for interior designers and architects who with a voice from the other side of the world opens the doors to ideas, projects and technical advice on new trends for the management of spaces, interiors and furnishings. 

The magazine is a showcase for Australian architects and designers who illustrate their creations by giving the reader detailed descriptions, photographs and plans of their projects.

Issue 64

This edition is introduced by the Editor of Artichoke, Cassie Hansen, who enhances the ability, in the numerically restricted world of Australian architects and designers, to team up, create a positive atmosphere while competing, and to rejoice in the skills of others. 

This issue presents the projects: Hotel Rose Bay by Richards Stanisich, Prince Dining Room by IF Architecture; Zagame's House by Lukas Partners Interior Architecture; Dust by Liminal Spaces; Piazza Dell’Office of Branch Studio Architects; Supercontext's Giraffe Early Learning Center; Arcadia's Curtin Think Space; Kennedy Nolan's Melbourne Central Arcade; finally, the stories of lighting designers Flynn Talbot and Janet Laurence


Pages: 121

English language

Dimensions: 28x22 cm