We went into the world of typography to try to find inspirational products for those who work and produce every day with typography, lettering, graphic design. We wanted to find something new that could have the pure and simple task of serving as inspiration for new ideas and new styles for their creations.

Among the many proposals, one in particular struck us for the strongly international and collective character of the work and we decided it should be the right proposal for you at Frab's. It's the mook Typism, an annual typography magazine published in Australia that collects the works of 192 typography professionals from around the world, selected to produce original works.

Typism book - frab's magazines

The publication is very simple, entirely in black and white on a soft cover magazine that represents the essentiality of a very niche content.
The authors come from all over the world and it is possible to find, within Typism, a reference to their works and their personal pages to interact directly with them and take inspiration from the characters that most impressed you.
We consider it a mook because it is one of those annual magazines that we think will stay on the shelves of graphic designers and designers for years to come as a source of inspiration. 

The fifth edition is in Pre-order now, lonce the shipment has been completed, it will be made by May. 

To pre-order Typism at Frab's, click HERE 


April 06, 2019 — Dario Gaspari

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