We all know that classic publishing is in crisis, what we perhaps stop shortly to reflect on is that the alleged death of paper is not the only problem the press suffers from.
Being a journalist, today as yesterday, is not easy, just think that since the beginning of the year 9 journalists have lost their lives and 339 have been imprisoned (Reporter Sans Frontier data). Freedom of information, which we often take for granted, is actually a rare thing even in our country, ranked 43rd in the World Press Freedom Index 2019, with about 20 professionals under guard.
If we add to this the problem of the quality of information outclassed by an abnormal quantity of it, with ever increasing difficulties in distinguishing the true from the false, the picture is complete.

Perhaps it is also a little bit of the desire to counter this situation that made us fall in love with at first sight The Paper by Christoph Niemann, an illustrated book that is not only beautiful, but also allows us to lend a hand to the press because thethe proceeds from sales go own to Reporters Without Borders.

Small but powerful, without the use of words, the book collects 200 illustrations by Niemann, including unpublished drawings and cartoons that appeared in a famous column held by the author in the New York Times, all united by a love for magazines and newspapers.

“The world is facing countless pressing problems. I don't know how to solve them, but I am convinced that to find out, we need a press that can ask the right questions, without fear of threats, persecutions and violence. We must protect journalists who run the risk of shedding light in the darkest corners of the world and of bringing us the truth on sensitive topics that involve our health, our safety and our geopolitical environment ", is what Niemann declares on his website and we can only agree.

If you also want to support this initiative and Reporter Sans Frontier you can buy your copy of The Paper HERE at a cost of € 35, of which € 30 has already been donated by us to Reporter Sans Frontier and the remaining € 5 will help us to cover the other expenses (fees and shipping costs to get the copies of the book to Italy).

Thanks in advance to those who want to help us support Niemann in this beautiful cause of his.

March 10, 2020 — Dario Gaspari

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