Quanto magazine is one of the magazines that accompanied the debut of Frab's in the summer of 2019. 
It was the beginning for us as well as for Quanto itself, which launched an Italian magazine of dystopian literature about to come out today in issue 3. If you are reading this article, however, Quanto you know very well.

A few days ago an extraordinary thing happened, which made us smile. In preparation for the year-end inventory, arranging some magazines, we found his majesty a second copy of Quanto magazine n.1. "Second" because a copy is jealously guarded in our personal archive, the one where the projects we believe are of greatest value for periodical publishing find space.

That number 1 you have asked us in so many after it was finished, and from what the editors tell us, you have often asked them too. But those 500 copies told an unrepeatable story at the beginning and if the contents are now known, that well-kept magazine that talked about machines and feelings today is a gem that no one can buy in paper format anymore. 

We thought that, no matter how many people have asked us, it is impossible to define a value for this magazine. So what should we do with this unique piece? The answer came from the heart. The heart is that place where, when you manage to touch a string, large uncontrollable symphonies often start. And if finding this issue of What made us remember the happy beginnings of the Frab's adventure that you help us realize every day, this year there was also room for a very great sadness, indecipherable in its complexity. .

So we thought that that feeling of joy and pain together could become a beautiful collective effort. The latest commercially available copy of Quanto n.1 is up for auction on Frab's until December 26th. All proceeds from the sale will be donated to form of donation to the Vivere Senza Stomaco Association (www.viveresenzastomaco.org), which is responsible for giving support and help to all people who are forced to live without a stomach and their loved ones.

The starting price is 40 Euros, and we would like this small initiative to be a collective gesture for the publishing industry that tells Christmas in the warmest, therapeutic and familiar sense of this holiday. 

The auction is available HERE.


December 20, 2020 — Dario Gaspari

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