Maybe you also like to fantasize about Tripadvisor or on Google Photos of the places you would like to visit. So if you are going to London for a weekend, romantic getaway or cultural trip, please drop by Noblerot restaurant and wine bar, cause we've never been there but it looks damn good. A mix between the most classic of London bars and theHarry's bar from Venice. Then, once you've gone there, write us how it went, that maybe we'll put it on the agenda next time we get to go to London.

rivista vino

Yes here, to be clear we found that the Noblerot magazine it is nothing more than the brilliant editorial invention of a real-life restaurant. An independent magazine whose only advertisement is that of its team of chefs and dining room staff. A magazine that can only have a single, very clear objective, that of conquering sommeliers without a label, lovers of good wine (and good food) who do not consider their passion an exact science or a label to stick on. A magazine that will make those who sometimes want to indulge in the luxury of a bottle of good wine and not go out "just to go out" feel at home, but to get together in the sacred rite of good food.

With graphics that surpass every wine manual for arrogant connoisseurs, it is a hybrid between an avant-garde food and wine and a good volume of wine culture.

Noblerot wine

The basis of this number is what Italians know, and rather helps to see with a different and "foreign" eye what is part of a soul and a story that we often already know. Brunello, pecorino, gastronomic life in Florence are the subject of careful and fine reports that with an investigative eye go to discover the details of the celebrities of our territory.

Well before this, however, Noblerot is a spiritual guide to the world of wine that you will hardly find in other places.

The first bombshell of this issue is on page 17: tasting wines under the influence of LSD. Yes, you got it right, if in the Anglo-Saxon world the illegal fashion of taking very small doses of acids to improve one's cognitive performance is increasingly widespread, a pool of professors has experienced what it means to apply this fashion to wine tasting, altering human perceptions. . On the following pages you will find the results of several wine tastings compared between a normal taster and one who has taken a small dose of LSD. We cannot reveal the results here, but the wealth of details makes the reportage a must in this issue.

The space reserved for interviews is all for the welcome guest Jancis Robinson, a monument of wine and wine culture in Great Britain and beyond. He writes about it in various important newspapers including the Financial Times, recommends the best wines directly to Queen Elizabeth and is, hear ye, a former scholar of mathematics and philosophy.

Jancis Robinson


Much more interesting for us inhabitants of the boot than the tour of Florentine restaurants, the "spicy" one of Anglo-Indian-Pakistani clubs in London. Karam Sethi, also the owner of various successful restaurants in this specific sector, takes us on a London tour to discover the best excellences for spicy lovers. A fire tour!

Simon Hopkinson explains how to cook with Sherry, a non-trivial practice that requires precautions and practical advice that the author gives, trying to try his hand at some recipes with the delicious Spanish wine. Here and there in Noblerot you will find other recipes with wine that is always the host, and that you can try directly in your kitchen. 

In addition to Brunello, this edition's tasting reports include wines from Savoy, a dissertation on the fads of carbohydrates as enemies of the diet and a tasting of Burgundy wines with an author's ranking. 

Among the various to report, is "bad food" a fad or a future trend? Noblerot's "in and out" guide tells a lot about the trends at the table between London and the world, and we have good reason to believe that it will largely catch us. In closing, the "antisocial" responses to hilarious letters from restaurateurs from all over the world leave a good mood and are an unmissable step to close this reading. 

Here, this is Noblerot, and you think that we have not mentioned everything. Now you just have to appreciate it on the shelves of your liberia, your restaurant or your wine shop. 

Enjoy the reading! 


April 23, 2019 — Frab's Magazines & More

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