An incredible year is about to end: it was the year that saw the birth of Frab's, which took us to many events in Italy and abroad to tell you about wonderful editorial projects. It was the year in which, together with Frab's, a beautiful community of fans and lovers of independent publishing was born, the year in which we met and became followers, collaborators, but above all friends.

In this crazy year we have crossed our path, and added to our online shop, over 200 titles: between passing news and long-lasting love in paper and ink, it is impossible for us to tell you which are our favorites ... if we have selected them and they are in our shop it means that we love them all!

At the end of the year, however, taking stock, making lists and drawing up rankings is tradition. So, letting the sales figures speak for themselves, here are the five Frab's Best Sellers, divided into Italian and international magazines, a small and necessary acknowledgment to those who commit themselves every day to creating publications of the highest quality.


Quanto1) HOW MUCH
This magazine, which does not appear to be reviewed, was the revelation of the year. It was enough for us to leaf through it to understand it, so much so that in unsuspecting times we had already spoken of it as a cult of speculative literature. From the graphic design to the story that flows through its pages, from the papers used to the illustrations, nothing is left to chance and everything contributes to making it a podium product in all respects.

ossì2) BONES'
Another victory announced, the second place in our ranking goes to the porn "comic" born from the mind of Alice Scornajenga: in each issue a dirty story and photos taken by someone you would like to know you, a zine that redefines the boundaries of erotic publishing and excites all the senses, starting from the trained eye in search of beauty.

mulieris3) MULIERIS
A new entry in our shop that sold out twice in just a few days. This magazine, through the works of the artists that it hosts in its pages, seeks to redefine the role of women in the world of art and in society in general. The first official issue, against all stereotypes, is dedicated to the pink color, if you want a copy we advise you to hurry up because the remaining ones can be counted on your fingertips!

Probably one of the most beautiful photographic magazines that you will happen to leaf through, in fourth place there could only be RVM. Now in its third issue, this magazine is more reminiscent of an artist's book than a magazine: different types of paper host photographic projects of undoubted value, interspersed with stories that are immediately recognizable because they are collected in a different format. The visible thread binding, the thick graphic cardboard cover, the fil rouge of color, one different for each issue, complete what for us is a real work of art.

A must have for lovers of the sea, Sirene closes the ranking of our five Italian best sellers. Sirene is the magazine for lovers of the sea, the one just beyond the shore line. Stories of men and women who experience salt water with depth: sailors, fishermen, surfers, divers, distant peoples who fascinate with incredible stories and breathtaking photographs. Printed on recycled seaweed paper, Sirene is one of those magazines that cannot be missing in any collection.

Before leaving you the ranking of international best sellers, a premise is necessary. You won't find two magazines in the ranking that would certainly have obtained the top places if only we had managed to get more copies, but alas, they were sold out everywhere: we are talking Flaneur, the best magazine of the year, whose very few copies that reached us ended up in a single afternoon, and Meantime, an editorial project from Singapore that literally stole our hearts.

1) BranD
A classic of brand design, a real point of reference for those who want to be always updated on design and typography, a source of inspiration and a work tool full of case histories. More than a trade magazine, in the deserved first place of our international best sellers is the Japanese BranD.


Bloom2) BLOOM
A real treasure for those who love order, care and color combinations in gardens and house plants, with Bloom it is love at first sight thanks to its clean graphics, the illustrations that seem to come out of a monastic manual and the photos that make spring in all seasons.

Desired landscape3) DESIRED LANDSCAPE
A small intimate travel manual that tells the experiences of those who live in cities. With Desired Landscapes, which could one day become the human, emotional and artistic appendage of any mainstream travel guide, there was a real love at first sight. Discounted to find it in our Best Five.

Fukt4) FUKT
Also awarded at the Stack Awards as best cover of the year, in fourth place we find Fukt, an annual magazine of contemporary design of Norwegian origins that includes everything related to graphics and illustration on its pages. What makes this publication special is, among other things, the fact that each issue changes not only in content, but also in layout. A surprise every time! 






We fell in love with Perfect Stranger even before we had it in our hands and, if it is in our Best Five, obviously we were not wrong. What is special about this magazine? Well, it tells how one meets the world through real stories of people. A magazine that, in times like ours, is good for the soul.

December 30, 2019 — Dario Gaspari

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