We are proud and also a little excited to start with a new project that we consider a little the third, important piece of a road that we have already traced a few months ago, that of being there physically as well: Frab's arrives in Milan!

Thanks to the collaboration with Base (Via Bergognone, 34), the 23 and 24 April from 10.00 to 20.00 we inaugurate our Pop-Up Mag. But what exactly is Frab's pop-up mag? We like to imagine him as one space to express freedom of ideas, beauty and multisensory, a series of physical, real events, in which the most selected magazines meet a place in Milan where ideas, like ink on paper, materialize. 
In the Pop-up Mag it will be possible to touch, see, make your own, the exclusive selection of our independent magazines. touch and learn about indiemags. 

The Mag Frab's Pop-up from Base Milano will be a monthly event in which we will be able to meet and talk live in the city that most of all in Italy is a very lively cradle for independent magazines, but above all it is an opportunity to meet publishers, authors and protagonists of the Italian independent magazine scene.

talk frab's base milano

We inaugurate this new project presenting you for the first time live (or in presence, as they say today) Dàme magazine, our editorial challenge this year. Dàme, published by Frab's Publishing, is a magazine that tries to tell what is most stereotyped about women, namely the body, from a new perspective of acceptance, inclusiveness and body positivity. And this is exactly what we will talk about on Saturday 23 April at 6:30 pm with Sara Augugliero, editor in chief of Dàme, and Alesandra Delbono, co-founder of Melidè Factory.

Info and event booking> www.eventbrite.com/e/biglietti-body-woman-what-fare-body-positivity-facendo-magazine-e-impresa-321650393987


April 22, 2022 — Frab's Magazines & More
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