Many of you will already know him, Matteo B. Bianchi is not only a writer and a television author, but he is also a well-known character in the world of independent magazines thanks to his 'tina, an independent fiction magazine born in 1996. But Matteo Bianchi is also the author of a beloved podcast of entirely dedicated to publishing: Cover

And in the last episode of the Cover we were guests to tell hands-free, as we rarely do, what Frab's is, what is the added value of the magazines you find on our site and, of course, to give some advice of reading that ranges from magazines to books. 

If you like to listen to us chat with Matteo Bianchi, find it HERE the link of the podcast (also available on Google Podcast and Spotify). 

Have a good listening! 

copertina matteo bianchi


June 07, 2020 — Clean Canvas Collaborator

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