Carnal magazine is the embodiment of the future of erotic magazines (and magazines in general). Eros and fashion are the soundtracks of this symphony of sensuality and elegance and Simone Cossettini and Augusto Arduini the masters who have embarked on a titanic and shocking as well as successful enterprise. 

The publishing world we know, after having essentially closed the chapter of the erotic magazine from the 1980s newsstand, which today could be rehabilitated as a very trashy art form, is divided into two strands: on the one hand, publications that combine eroticism with one quasi-social purpose, such as Tissue or Extra Extra; on the other the world of fanzines, one above all the very Italian Ossì, which arouses tribulating expectation at every exit. 

In short, in this strange landscape, almost waiting for the horse to make the first move, Carnal arrogantly opens a third trend in this sector, which is that of an extremely elegant photographic erotic magazine, which transcends sex with fashion and goes further, to imagine an editorial future that completes the static nature of paper with the power of the image in movement. 

The narrative ploy of the entire magazine borrows the five psychological phases of carnal pleasure. It is part of the desire, which also gives its name to the first edition of the magazine, it continues with the excitement, the plateau, the orgasm and the resolution. Each phase becomes a chapter of the magazine and is interpreted by artists and photographers from all over the world: 31 in all who give us 23 photographic stories, 5 artistic contributions and 3 written contributions with lots of reviews of sex toys, beautifully reinterpreted in key artistic, and the latest innovations that design puts at the service of eros (such as the jumpsuit that transforms female masturbation into an act that involves the whole body).
On the sublime photographic projects we do not add much, we prefer to let you savor them magazine in hand, but one thing we want to say: they exude sensuality and beauty on every page, confusing and crossing the fleeting boundaries between fashion, art and eros in a pornography that is never vulgar and never truly pornographic, because where there is beauty there can be no vulgarity.


But what really amazes and that we loved about this independent magazine of 400 pages and over 2 kilos, is its ability to change skin and become something else, to involve all the senses in its use of augmented reality. Thanks to the Aria Platform app, some pages of the magazine come to life showing hidden videos and animated illustrations that, looking at them, almost seem to drag you into the seductive world that makes up the magazine. 
To complete the picture, a very special call, Send Nudes, to contribute to one of the artistic projects carried out by the magazine, and private rooms on the site.

In short, if we had not yet understood, for us Carnale is a huge yes, a forerunner of what periodical publishing, independent and otherwise, should do to survive the spells of those who have praised its end for years, but above all an intelligent way to combine analog and digital in a marriage that we wish very long.


June 27, 2021 — Anna Frabotta
Tags: recensioni

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