Someone found it under their own Christmas tree, a gift from friends or relatives who know how not to end up their package in the traditional bingo of Christmas gifts to be recycled. Someone else has chosen to give themselves a gift and then there are those who have been part of the Club for months now. However, we are sure that everyone, in this month of enjoyable parties and tables, was doubly surprised by ours Secret Mag Club.

Since Christmas is over and everyone should have unwrapped their very secret Frab's package, we can also reveal to you what was in this month's Secret Mag Club.

A practical soft plastic sachet imprinted with the name of the magazine welcomes us to the magazine chosen for the tenth Secret Mag Club by Frab's. We are talking about Tintend Window, an art magazine in its second issue that in a very short time has been able to win the favor of fans and lovers of the genre.
Cover in black and purple that internally transforms into an old-fashioned black and white, the second issue of Tintend Window, starting from a work presented by Mirella Bentivoglio at the 1975 Venice Biennale entitled "Materialization of language", analyzes in in-depth way precisely the theme of language. To give voice to the magazine, with recent and past contributions, over 80 artists who have questioned the meaning of the language expressed on various media.
A magazine that is impossible not to love if you love art with a capital A.

We had announced it and we really did: together with the December magazine we sent all our subscribers a hand-printed print created exclusively for Frab's by the Bolognese artist Lara Norscia. Who is Lara and how did she carry out her work for us? We got her to tell us directly:

Paper is the medium through which I invent imaginary figures that seem to come from ancient myths or fairy-tale worlds. Scissors are my magical tool: through the cutout I can make strange figures appear, as in a sleight of hand! The material I manipulate comes from the plant world, plants are a great source of inspiration for me, together with the myths of the world and popular traditions and iconography.
The prints I made exclusively for Frab's are collographies: the printing matrices were made starting from a paper cutout, on which a texture was glued. The whole was inked and printed with a chalcographic press, in two runs, with blue or red ink. These prints were made within the shared art workshop Checkpoint Charly, a work and research space that I share with a heterogeneous group of artists in Bologna. No solvent or harmful mordant was used to make the prints, I wish not to leave a big ecological footprint with my work as a printer and artist”.

stampa Lara Norscia

If you are enticed, know that there is no better way to start the new year than with a membership to our club: every month you will be surprised with a different magazine chosen by us for you among those already in our catalog or among brand new titles.

Ps. the magazines are always sent by courier with tracking and have a value equal to or greater than the cost of the subscription.

December 27, 2019 — Dario Gaspari

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