On 13 and 14 May we return from BASE Milano with our Pop-Up mag, the Frab's temporary store that brings the best from our indiemag catalog to the Milanese city. 

But why did we call it Pop-up Mag? Because we consider our trips to Milan a bit like a "magazine" in three-dimensional format, a space (this time not made of paper and ink) that hosts carefully selected independent magazines about which we really want to tell you everything, but above all a series of talks and focus on various topics, in the company of the real protagonists of the world of niche magazines: publishers. 

Saturday 14 May, at 7.00 pm, our Pop-up mag comes alive and hosts a talk with a prophetic title: "When the magazine quickens the Urbano". 
Against the backdrop of a changing Milan, we dialogue with Serena Scarpello, Head of Content of MoSt (Studio Editoriale) and Editor in Chief of Urban magazine, and Marta Stella, Urbano's communications manager, on the new urban dimensions of the city, but above all on the role of the independent magazine in entering the wider socio-cultural debate. 
Together we will try to answer a question: can a magazine make a difference in changing a city?

Info and registration (not compulsory) here: www.eventbrite.it/e/biglietti-quando-il-magazine-svela-lurbano-334498984467

May 12, 2022 — Frab's Magazines & More
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