We admit it, one of the reasons why we wanted a physical space was to be able to meet you, celebrate parties and anniversaries with you, but also to give space to many creative realities and their incredible products, from the publishing world and beyond. 
What better time, then, than Christmas?

Tomorrow afternoon (Sunday 19 December) we inaugurate a new format, the pop-up stores at Frab's, which will see the involvement of many artists and creatives invited to spend a day in our company to tell you about their unique projects.

Let's start with something that apparently has little to do with publishing, but a lot with beauty because our first guest, Sara Giordano, aka Ziameim, of beauty and vintage seems to nourish herself every day to give us wonderful vintage hand-decorated saucers, unique collectible pieces, perfect Christmas gifts for those who love to be amazed by something truly original. 

There are giraffes with the body in one dish and the head (in the clouds) in the other, there are circus elephants and chimpanzees with red hats, divers and fish, birds and kittens, illuminated letters and wild boars, cheetahs and magic pipers for a fantastic world, that of Sara, who is a little inspired by Fornasetti and a little by Ziameim 100%.
Vintage and beauty are the ingredients of these hand-decorated dishes. A work that was born to recycle old unmatched dishes to which to give a new life made of poetry. The dishes are all different and all incredible, the imperfections and the experience of each dish really give a soul to a product that perhaps would have ended up in the garbage.

We, of this imaginary world, fell in love with it at first sight and we could not help you discover it! 
The appointment with Sara and her wonders is for Sunday 19 December from 4.00 pm in our store in Forlì, there will also be live music, hot chocolate and mulled wine. 

We are waiting for you for Christmas greetings!

piatti vintage ziameim frab's magazines

piatti vintage ziameim frab's magazines
December 18, 2021 — Anna Frabotta
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