In recent months, while we hear from many places about abandoned and forgotten culture, there are those who have put aside discouragement and quarantine victimhood to give us small and free pills of independent culture and publishing. 

It's called Indoors Zine, it's all colorful and inside you will also find some interactive gems, like the game of dots to connect (I love!). In short, it is a real gift that twenty creatives wanted to give us to give us a few moments of relaxation and even get us a laugh. 

The collaborators of It's Nice That (yes, those of Printed Pages) who, during their confinement, used technology to stay in touch and reflect and visualize the effects that Covid-19 is having on the creative community. 

The zine was published and made available for free to anyone a few days ago. Inside you will find ideas, sketches, updates, new stylistic trends and their interpretations of isolation. Each job shows a possible activity to be carried out alone or in company while remaining at a safe distance. 

You can download the YOUR FREE COPY HERE

indoor zine fanzine gratuita


indoor zine

May 17, 2020 — Clean Canvas Collaborator
Tags: fanzine

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