Have you ever thought about the fact that, except for a lucky few, we spend most of our existence surrounded by brick and concrete, we see the green forced into very small spaces, tamed by the human hand in gardens with the grass that seems cut with a ruler? We take Sunday trips to admire the foliage, the blossoming of the fields or the snow-capped peaks. All with the necessary detachment to feel something other than the nature that surrounds us. 

This is the premise from which one of the most interesting magazines we have in our catalog is born and also the one with the most romantic name: Where the leaves fall. The aim of the magazine founded by Luciane Pisani and David Reeve is to re-evaluate our relationship with nature, but above all to re-establish it as an integral part of our life, rather than considering it a marginal factor. At the center of the change that must necessarily take place, there must be the understanding and appreciation of nature that is born only if we feel part of it. 

Do not expect, however, to find among these pages isolated stories of citizens who give up everything to experience the bucolic life, perhaps to "document" their choices on social networks (only to get tired after a few weeks). Where the leaves fall goes deeper than that, clamoring for change to be for everyone and for everyone, not just for those who can afford to buy organic food and live away from smog, and lets us hear voices that are often under-represented. in the mainstream media. Farmers, natives and refugees, chefs and artists, all have spaces between the pages of the magazine, all with a story that can increase awareness of our relationship with nature.

To convey their message, Luciane Pisani and David Reeve have chosen the print magazine that allows you to immerse yourself in reading, without the distraction of notifications, advertisements and bright screens. A choice that could appear as an apparent contradiction with regard to environmental sustainability, but obviously there is no need to specify that the whole process of making the magazine is free from the use of water and chemicals and is powered 100% by renewable energy. .

One of the things I appreciated about this magazine, in addition to the high quality of its contents, supported by slow and in-depth journalism, is that its founders, just like us (we had told you about WHO) Are opposed to the return mechanism and to the infamous practice applied by booksellers of tearing the cover of the magazine / book to prove the unsold items. This translates into an iron selection of bookstores that are willing to buy the magazine and take the risk of not selling it, but it also translates into the choice of being distributed only by those who really believe in a project ... which is what at Frab's we have always done with all the titles in our catalog. 

We hope that this journey to discover the most authentic relationship with nature will thrill even half as much as it thrilled me. 

Trovate Where the leaves fall WHO... enjoy the reading!

December 07, 2021 — Anna Frabotta
Tags: recensioni

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